Evelyn Mantilla
Mantilla Leadership Solutions

"Sarah Barr is an effective communicator in every sense of the word.  She knows how to craft and tell a story that is sure to have an impact.  I have always been delighted to work with her and to learn from her."

Glendowlyn Hall Thames
Hartford City Council president

"I've known Sarah Barr for over a decade both professionally and personally. She has been a mentor to me and a stellar professional and communications expert.”

Mother Dolores Hart
Abbey of Regina Laudis

“I love working with Sarah.  There are few great professionals who enter your life on that level to become lifelong friends.  That is the beauty of Sarah.  She is forever.”

Katherine Picho, Ph.D. 
F Edward Herbert
School of Medicine

"For as long as I have known Sarah, she has always been the kind of person who invests in building her team and giving them opportunities to grow. Her signature is excellence. She goes that extra mile to deliver nothing but the best, and by modeling excellence, she challenges others to rise to the occasion and do the same. I can think of no better person to handle communications than Sarah. She delivers nothing but the absolute best, and inspires the best in others in the process!"